About us

Half Moon Hemp is a licensed indoor hemp production and research facility. We are determined to provide only the finest hemp genetics in Indiana through sophisticated and innovative growing and breeding methods.

We are committed to not only providing the best in genetics to our customers, but guiding our growers along the way to success. Through our rigorous breeding and research, we have discovered the strongest varieties of hemp plants for Midwest growing conditions. Our master grower has over 20 years of experience which is reflected in the quality of our final product. This team is dedicated to ensuring that your orders are delivered on time with great attention to detail. Your success is our mission.

“When you’re dealing with raw natural products the environments can be tricky...Half Moon Hemp always made sure we had healthy clones ready to plant.”

Genetics & Research

We are proud to work in conjunction with the Purdue University research co-op. This partnership has allowed us to stay engaged and be a part of the greater agricultural community.

Throughout the year we continue to select and refine the best genetics available. This is done through rigorous testing and breeding techniques that are second to none in the industry. We select only the hardiest and most vigorous plants that will deliver great yield as well as being resistant to pests, drought and other stressful outdoor conditions. Our promise to you is quality and that’s guaranteed.

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